Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) and Hampshire Delights 
These are the photographs taken on our visit to Highclere Castle ( Downton Abbey) and Hampshire Delights, 
between 11th & 15th July 2015. 
(Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs inside Highclere Castle). 
Please click on any photograph to enlarge it. 
Day 1. 
Teston to the Macdonalds Golf and Spa Hotel at Southampton, via Winchester. 
Day 2. 
Exbury Gardens  
(New Forest) 
Day 3. 
Portsmouth Historical Dockyard  
Spinnaker Tower 
Day 5. 
Macdonalds Golf and Spa Hotel at Southampton to Teston via Brighton. 
Day 4. 
Highclere Castle, (Downton Abbey). 
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